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50 Airport Boulevard
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore 819658

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Senior Management
Mr Dirk Goovaerts (CEO APAC)
Mr Tomeu Mas (Managing Director)
Mr Musdalifa Abdullah (Chief Financial Officer)
Mr Sam Gould (Head of Cargo)
Tel:(65) 6511 0506
Mr Irwan Majid (Sales & Relationship Manager -Cargo)
Tel:(65) 6511 0166


Nature of Business

dnata Singapore Pte Ltd provides a full suite of ground handling operations from Apron and Cargo Handling, and Catering services to more than 60 airlines and freighter customers at Singapore Changi Airport. Our commitment is to deliver the promises our airlines make to their customers.

Designed to handle an annual turnover of 550,000 tonnes, our ISAGO and ISO 9001:2015 certified automated air cargo terminal facilitates the rapid movement of inbound and outbound cargo.

Today, we are well placed to provide the best fit for your cargo handling requirements with the following offerings:
• Import & Export handling
• Perishable cargo handling
• Mail handling
• Transhipment handling
• Build-up and break-down of cargo
• Acceptance and monitoring of cargo
• 100% weight verification
• Cargo documentation & scanning
• Facilities & Equipment rental

dnata Singapore is compliant with the requirements of the Regulated Air Cargo Agent Regime and maintains a Government Approved known shipper program. dnata has been awarded the GDP certification and CEIV certification.

Coolchain is also Halal certified by The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), providing our customers the assurance of right handling processes. There is dedicated holding room in Coolchain for all Halal products.

Our industry experience is supported by a well-equipped terminal with facilities to manage any type of cargo that passes through the warehouse.
• Coolchain, our dedicated perishable handling facility
• Airline equipment room
• AVA compliant Animal Handling Room (AHR)
• Radioactive room
• Dangerous goods area
• Vault

Industry Memberships:
  • dnata is a global member of Cargo IQ, and the checkpoints provided is integrated with temperature visibility.
  • dnata is a global member of Pharma.Aero, a cross-industry collaboration for Pharma Shippers, CEIV certified cargo communities, Airport Operators and other air cargo industry stakeholders.
  • dnata Singapore joined the Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (SAPI).
  • dnata partnered with Unilode Aviation Solutions, the global leader in outsourced Unit Load Device (ULD) management, by installing blue tooth tracking technology on all ULD’s for real-time visibility across our stations, incl. Singapore. 
  • dnata works with shippers, forwarders, and airlines to ensure the active use of Envirotainers (RAP's & RKN's) to build an effective cool chain solution from shipper to the receiver.
Coolchain - dnata's dedicated perishable handling facility
dnata Coolchain is designed to handle high value, high yield perishable items for our airline customers within a specialised, state-of-the-art perishable cargo handling facility.

Coolchain is operational 24 hours a day, all year round. The 1,400 square meters perishable handling facility has an annual handling capacity of 75,000 tonnes. Perishable cargo from Coolchain have a priority release within 2 hours of aircraft landing.

We use a web-based monitoring system to facilitate real-time management so that you will always know where your perishable products are in the supply chain.

Our team is trained to handle highly sensitive perishable products, such as pharmaceuticals, seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables, flora and fauna, dairy products, confectionary and wines and spirits. We know each different product requires its own special handling, which is why we have dedicated cold rooms for each product. Each room has its own monitoring system to track temperature variances to ensure that your shipment is kept at its optimal temperature.

Coolchain specifications:
• 14 modular cold storage area for loose/pallet cargo, each with its dedicated climate control capability
• Individual room space ranging from 26 to 42 square meters for customised temperature controlled storage
• 89 square meters cold room area capable of storing up to 6LD7s at the same temperature
• 784 square meters of temperature-controlled break and build area so your cargo is not compromised in the process of handling
• Temperature controls in individual room ranging from freezing minus 25° C or cold room conditions of 0 to 25° C
• 10 charging stations for Envirotainers and CSAFE units and top up service for dry ice

Cool Dollies - for temperature-controlled airside transport
Despite short transfer times between an aircraft and cargo facilities, hot runways can seriously degrade perishables and pharmaceuticals. Our purpose-built Cool Dollies support an unbroken cool chain so that these highly-sensitive commodities, entrusted to us by our customers, enjoy a seamless, controlled environment throughout its journey.

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dnata Cargo Centre
45 Airport Cargo Road
Singapore 819478
Tel : (65) 6511 0508 / 0509
Fax : (65) 6511 0500

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