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Foreword by General Manager, Marshall Cavendish Business Information Pte Ltd

TLND2021_MS01-Foreword_MBCI_PixLogistics is a cornerstone of Singapore’s economy. Singapore’s logistics industry is supported by more than 5,000 companies and 85,000 workers, covering contract logistics, freight forwarding and trucking.

As an important contributor and connector of our economy, the logistics industry plays a key role in connecting suppliers, manufacturers, merchants and consumers. It is a dynamic and exciting industry that is evolving rapidly in response to trading patterns and emerging trends.

Singapore’s strategic location and world class infrastructure puts the country on the global stage as one of the top logistics hubs. In its 2018 Logistics Performance Index, the World Bank ranked Singapore 7th globally and 2nd in Asia, after Japan. Since 2007, Singapore has been Asia’s top logistics hub. These are clear indicators of the promising growth of the logistics industry.

Currently, Singapore is a prime location for major logistics firms, with 20 of the top 25 global logistics firms, such as DHL, Schenker and UPS conducting their operations here.

It is therefore no surprise that the Singapore government recognises the potential and growth of this industry. To boost the industry, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) launched the Logistics Industry Transformation Map (ITM) scheme which is aimed at optimising logistics systems through more effective resource allocation and leveraging of technology. The transformation of the industry is expected to value-add S$8.3 billion, and create 2,000 new PMET (professionals, managers, executives and technicians) jobs.

The future of logistics in Singapore will be defined by the successful upskilling of workers to effectively adopt new technologies which enable greater connectivity – using big data at every point in the supply chain for network optimisation, efficient warehousing and automating package distribution processes. These new technologies are already transforming the logistics landscape.

To harness the many opportunities, a logistics network resource will serve as an effective platform for businesses to connect and grow in the logistics industry.

We are excited to launch the inaugural edition of The Logistics Network Directory and we trust that through this resource, you can find solutions, services, collaboration and opportunities to fast forward your business.

Ms Tristine Lim
General Manager
Marshall Cavendish Business Information Pte Ltd